Good Customer Service is Good Business

Good Customer Service is Good Business

Good Customer Service is Good Business

Good Customer Service is Good Business

Management Consulting Services for Civilian and Federal Organizations

Human Resources Consulting

We provide our customers with the optimal solution for their specific management, financial, educational or administrative requirements.

HRCI has vast experience handling the human resources management needs of commercial and government organizations. Our Human Resources & Administration services allow us to address all our clients’ HR-related issues and deliver quality responses that are efficient and cost-effective.

Program & Project Management

We at Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) recognize our clients’ need to get the most value from their projects, regardless of whether that client is a commercial company or a government organization.

Our innovative approach to Program and Project Management enables us to ensure that our customers receive exceptional value from all their project initiatives. With strategic use of our management consulting expertise, we help customers streamline costs to achieve maximum ROI.

Family Readiness

In our extensive history working with government and military agencies, Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) has come to recognize how vital it is that organizations are fully able to support their Family Readiness programs.

We believe that a properly maintained Military Family Readiness program is crucial to the well-being of our nation’s Service members and their families. HRCI is able to assist military personnel and their loved ones prepare for separations due to deployment and get them the service they deserve.

Human Resources & Administration

Year after year, Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) performs a crucial role in answering the HR-related demands of commercial companies, military organizations, and federal agencies nationwide.

Military Medical Readiness

Being a leading supplier of management consulting solutions for military organizations, we at Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients in securing full medical readiness for all their enlisted personnel.

HRCI’s knowledge and experience with Military Medical Readiness programs is second-to-none. Our ongoing support of this important program helps us ensure that your agency’s operations continue without complication due to Service member health concerns.

As a leading management consulting firm, Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) provides consultative services and solutions to civilian industries and federal government agencies throughout the nation. We work alongside our clients to analyze their organization’s unique demands and then offer highly configured answers to their needs.

In order to perform the most comprehensive consultation possible, HRCI has built and refined a wide array of services designed to accommodate the service requests of all our clients. Whether you need help with your company budgeting, assistance with project management, corporate level management consulting or support for other concerns, you’ll find quality solutions are just a phone call or email away.