Management Consulting Service for All Your Business Needs

From civilian industries to federal government agencies, Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) has the service capabilities to meet the management consulting needs of organizations whatever they may be. We are a full-service provider of organizational solutions, offering uniquely customized services that meet the budget and timeline demands of each of our individual clients.

Over the years, we’ve provided consultation, personnel support, and other services for the US Army, US Navy, National Guard, and other federal agencies. The wealth of experience gained through our previous and continued interactions with these clients has enabled us to develop a comprehensive range of services for all our customers, ensuring that our management consulting firm is able to address every facet of your organizational issues.

Among our many service offerings, we offer specialized solutions in a number of fields particularly suited to accommodate the demands of military and government agencies.

A Management Consulting Firm Committed to Your Success

As our current customers will attest, HRCI is a firm that’s dedicated to seeing its clients succeed in all their organizational objectives. That’s why we fully configure all our operational solutions to meet the express needs of each client. We go the extra mile to ensure that we not only exceed our clients’ expectations, but also set them up for long term success through our solutions.

Human Resources & Administration

Human Resources Management for All Your Needs

Year after year, Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) performs a crucial role in answering the HR-related demands of commercial companies, military organizations, and federal agencies nationwide. We provide government and civilian clients alike with an expansive range of human resources services and solutions, enabling them to properly staff and facilitate all their operations.

Our vast experience in military and civilian personnel services allows us to comprehensively address any human resources problem. From administrative staffing to experienced technicians and specialists, HRCI works together with its clients to supply them with qualified personnel that are committed to exceptional job performance.

We also develop HR management programs for our customers that are designed to significantly improve employee retention rates. Our human resources management initiatives involve the screening and hiring of quality contract associates in order to assure that client goals and objectives are met according to expectations.

Complementary Services from a Leading Management Consulting Firm

In addition to our renowned HR administration services, HRCI also performs a variety of other services that build upon our human resources solutions and help clients ensure maximum ROI. Our extensive array of management consulting services include program and project management, support for Military Medical Readiness and Family Readiness programs, and other services.

HRCI has developed its consulting solutions to work in tandem with one another, allowing us to make certain that we are able to assist our clients with every facet of their operational needs. We are dedicated to enabling every business and organization we assist with the tools they need for success.

Program & Project Management

Program & Project Management Services that Secure High ROI

We at Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) recognize our clients’ need to get the most value from their projects, regardless of whether that client is a commercial company or a government organization. That’s why we developed our Program & Project Management services to incorporate innovative approaches that ensure our customers always accomplish best results from all their project-based efforts.

HRCI’s management consulting experts work together with our clients’ project teams and important personnel throughout the course of their projects. This allows us to achieve precise planning, coordination, and execution of all phases of program and project initiatives. As a result, we are able to implement methods that leverage all our clients’ organizational assets at every stage of the solution process, enabling us to deliver projects that meet all strategic objectives and goals.

Management Consulting That Sets Out to Exceed Your Expectations

Our management consulting firm is highly motivated in our belief that we should not only meet our clients’ demands but also accomplish results that surpass them. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly over the years to develop our services to answer the many organizational demands of government agencies and civilian companies around today.

HRCI is able to aid its clients in finding comprehensive solutions for their human resources needs, budgetary balancing concerns, managerial issues, and other problem areas. We are dedicated to ensuring that the organizations we assist operate at their maximum potential at all times and are continuously empowered through our services.


Family Readiness

Full Support for Your Family Readiness Program

In our extensive history working with government and military agencies, Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) has come to recognize how vital it is that organizations are fully able to support their Family Readiness programs. A critical issue in today’s military, a well-maintained Family Readiness program is a much-needed resource for deploying service members and their families.

At HRCI, we are proud to assist our military clients through our ongoing support of their Family Readiness initiatives. Over the years, our staff has gained vast experience in handling the various aspects of these important programs. As a result, we are able to ensure that our customers’ organizations are fully capable of providing their personnel and their loved ones with the services they are entitled.

For our clients, HRCI’s ability to assist service members and their families to prepare for separations during short and long-term deployments is paramount to sustaining mission capabilities and mission readiness. We work closely with both Active and Reserve members to develop seamless, integrated Family Readiness programs that provide information and support to all members, regardless of their parent service or role in the US military.

A Management Consulting Firm that Understands Military Organization Needs

In addition to our Family Readiness services, we at HRCI are able to provide other comprehensive service offerings to our clients in the federal government and military. In our role as a leading management consulting agency, we dedicate our company to being a full-service provider of managerial solutions for these customers, enabling them to operate efficiently at all times.

Our services include support and solutions for complex issues stemming from personnel demands, project management concerns, payroll services, and other organizational needs. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are empowered through our company at all times and never without the solutions they seek.

Military Medical Readiness

Ensuring Complete Medical Readiness for all Your Service Members

Being a leading supplier of management consulting solutions for military organizations, we at Human Resources Consulting Inc. (HRCI) pride ourselves on our ability to assist our clients in securing full medical readiness for all their enlisted personnel. Over the years, we’ve worked with multiple branches of the US military in ensuring that they meet their organizational readiness goals for full medical compliance of all their Service members.

As our customers can attest, our extensive experience in helping agencies achieve optimal medical readiness is equally matched by our dedication to helping them reach their strategic objectives. Our expert staff works closely with all our clients throughout the various stages of their medical readiness initiatives to make sure that full compliance is met for their personnel by necessary deadlines. We also strive to achieve this compliance quickly and comprehensively without exceeding the budget.

By relying on HRCI’s services for medical readiness compliance, military agencies are able to organize and distribute their personnel without worry of Service members being unprepared for deployment. As a result, our clients see significant improvements in their operational efficiency and can more easily deploy enlisted forces where needed.

Additional Resources and Services for Our Military Clientele

HRCI also provides its customers in the US military with a wide range of service offerings that further improve the effectiveness of their operations while addressing important managerial concerns. From human resources management to Family Readiness program support, contract vehicle services, and various management-related functions, we have the capability to handle whatever problems your organization faces.

Contract Vehicles

Contract Vehicles that Support Government Agencies

GSA Schedule 738X - Human Resources & Equal Employment Opportunity

General Services Administration (GSA) Contract Vehicles provide professional services to federal government agencies, as well as state and local government agencies under certain conditions, using numerous HRCI labor categories to meet requirements at the right level. GSA has reviewed the qualifications of contractors based on performance and has determined that the rates are fair and reasonable. These contracts generally provide a broader array of services than their agency ID/IQ counterparts and many have no counterparts. They are open to all federal agencies and streamline the ordering process to reduce the time from initial contact to commencement of work.